Monday, November 25, 2013


diptyque holiday 2013 pine bark candle voluspa branche vermeil
A crazy feeling has come over me in recent weeks that I simply cannot survive the Canadian winter without beautiful candles to fill my home. I have been content over the years to have a few inexpensive candles on hand, saved exclusively for pampering bath time, but now I want them everywhere. And I want them to look and smell luxurious, burn clean, and have containers I would happily reuse. Quite my chance, I stumbled across the Diptyque holiday candles at my local Holt Renfrew, and that was obsession was born.

Diptyque has been a popular brand among bloggers for their luxurious candles and fragrances, but it's not the easiest to find in my part of the world, so I spent many hours dreaming of my first Diptyque purchase. It happened a few weeks ago when I simply couldn't resist the little indulgence for myself. Right now I am burning the Pine Bark scent, one of three limited edition holiday candles, held in a beautiful metallic golden and green jar. It is beautifully scenting my living room with a genuine scent of pine, described by Diptyque as a mix of pine, cedar and hinoki (Japanese cypress).

Voluspa's Branche Vermeil is softer in scent than the Diptyque, but lovely burned on it's own. It is described to truly appeal to a sense of winter comfort, 'an icicle crusted branch of winter spruce snapped with hints of citron, balsam and sugar.' This candle felt worth it to me just for the stunning silver glass jar. Both Diptyque and Voluspa burn cleanly, which is important to me, having experienced cheaper, synthetic candles that feel like they are choking you out of your own room. These candles are pure luxury.

diptyque holiday 2013 orange chai candle

I picked up Orange Chai from Diptyque as well, a lovely comforting scent of chai spices and the sweetness of an orange. I have not yet burned it, but the golden orange jar is sitting on my bedside table and still scents the room with a rather intoxicating reminder of delicious holidays treats like a juicy mandarin orange and a warm spicy tea. I can't wait to enjoy this one through the long winter ahead.

Voluspa are wonderful affordable alternatives to Diptyque, if you can't manage the luxury investment. I highly recommend Branche Vermeil and Golden Cypress Sawana scents for winter, and Santiago Huckleberry all year round. Yet I could not be more thrilled with my first dive into Diptyque. The quality seems to be unmatched among other candles I have experienced, and I can't help wanting more!

What candles have you been loving for winter and Christmas? It's only one month away!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Hey Nicole, I was at a Diptyque counter the other day and I took a whiff of all the limited edition Christmas candles. Guess what? I like all three but Pine Bark is my fav! I managed not to purchase anything just yet though. I should see how much money I can reasonably allow myself to spend on candles once the rest of my Christmas shopping is done. I've wanted to try Voluspa for a while as well, but that is a tricky brand to get hold of here.

  2. Hey! Oh man, that is a good plan. Pine Bark is so irresistible, but Diptyque was a dangerous indulgence when I still have Christmas and birthday gifts to buy. Ahhhh!